About BAR

Book-A-Ride is a Rideshare Transportation Service owned by the Express Group of Companies. As a Ridesharing operation, we aim to revolutionize Guyana’s transportation industry by primarily focusing on the use of private vehicles to transport individuals and/or groups from one destination to the other through an innovative approach: The Book-A-Ride application platform. This mobile app is supported by sophisticated technology, which would be the first of its kind in the local transportation industry.

Individuals requesting a ride can view the driver’s location in real-time and determine his/her ETA, enabling them to accurately plan for trips. Additionally, both driver and passenger will be able to determine who either party is every time a request is accepted. Passengers can identify which car and driver will make the pickup, while the driver will know who the passenger is before he/she arrives at the destination.

Why should I use Book-A-Ride?

Safety: your safety is our number one commitment and to ensure it we check the drivers' backgrounds and equip the app with a rating feature. You can also share your location with whomever you choose for more safety.

Reliability: Book-A-Ride is always there for you. You can count on it to take you from where you are to where you want to go, and to do so safely, promptly, and comfortably.