Book a ride (passenger)

Get affordable, timely rides on demand.

Book-A-Ride is a ride-sharing application that is here to take you where you want to go. With highly competitive rates that may be cheaper than you would pay for a regular taxi, we offer an affordable, safer, and securer transportation service in the palm of your hand.

Let us be your preferred transportation service and you are guaranteed comfort, convenience, quality, and safety.

The features of the Book-A-Ride mobile app are designed to afford you an awesome transportation experience.

Convenient payment method

Receive your earnings weekly or bi-weekly at your bank account

Mobile App Features

As our service user you will benefit from:

  • Live tracking: you will get an estimate on the time of arrival of the car you booked. This feature also allows you to share your travel location with friends and family to enhance your safety even more.
  • Easy accessibility: You can simply book a car from nearly anywhere without having to call several times, stand on the road flagging one down or wait unnecessarily. Your ride will be there in the shortest possible time once the booking is done.
  • Ability to choose between vehicles: You make the choice and we make it happen; because your enjoyable experience makes us proud.
  • Cashless payment options: The cashless payment options would be the first of its kind in Guyana for ground transportation services and would allow you to pay the fare via debit or credit cards or online payment vendors like PayPal. This makes the ride even better because you do not have to worry about carrying cash around.