Book Advertise

Book-A-Ride has taken transportation to the next level. Now we’re taking advertising to the next level. Businesses can now utilize “Book Advertise” to reach their target audience and meet their advertising goals through our digital advertising screens/ rolling billboards outfitted on each book-a-ride car.

Book Advertise is the official Book-A-Ride advertising platform featuring high-quality twenty seconds real-time videos emitting from our digital screens on top of Book-A-Ride vehicles. Our “Book Advertise” service is equipped with changeable displays and options for both pictures (static) and videos (dynamic) content. The screens are 38 x 12.5 Inches and have SMD1515 and a pixel density of 160,000, the higher the pixel density, the better.

Why advertise with Book Advertise?

  • You can't miss it! Being the first of its kind in Guyana, Book A Ride has already captivated everyone with its geographic coverage through the uniqueness of its patriotic colors and digital advertising screens outfitted on the top of the cars.
  • Our geographic footprints allow your ads to reach an average of 50,000 persons per day, approximately 1,550,000 views monthly for EACHvehicle. The number of views will grow exponentially as we expand our digital advertising across the country. Wherever we go, your business will go.
  • Book Advertise not only advertises your existing products and services, but we can customize and upload new ads for any additions to your existing product line.

If you have any questions or would like to start advertising with Book Advertise, please complete the form below.

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