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One App, Many Choices

Just tap away and get matched with trained, background-checked, and friendly rideshare drivers. There are different options to ride when you choose this ridesharing company, including X, XL, and Comfort.

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- Book a Ride - allow us to put in the drop-off and pick up locations and see available rides

- Why Drive with BAR?

By driving with Book-A-Ride, you help your fellow citizens by providing a much-needed transportation service while you make a decent income.

- How do drivers get paid?

You will conveniently receive your earnings in your bank account weekly or bi-weekly.

- Why Ride with BAR?

You get where you want to go faster and cheaper than you would use a regular taxi. Using Book-A-Ride is an easy, safe and comfortable way to get around. You can book a ride from almost anywhere and at any time.

- How to pay for Rides?

You do not have to carry cash around. You can simply pay the fare via debit or credit cards or online payment vendors like PayPal.

- Types of Rides and Vehicle options

Book-A-Ride provides you with three vehicle options: X, XL, and Comfort.

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- Safety is important

Your safety is our priority and we have made the mobile app and established the whole service with that in mind. In addition to the safety measures in the app and the prior screening and training of drivers, all of our drivers are instructed to observe health regulations and recommendations such as wearing masks.